The Soulful Human

5D: What is it and Why is it Problematic?

August 03, 2022 Nicole O'Neil Season 4 Episode 16
The Soulful Human
5D: What is it and Why is it Problematic?
Show Notes

Nicole and Tracey dive into what 5D is as well as how it's spiritual bypassing by definition. They also discuss the ableism, white supremacy and other problematic roots of this concept and go in depth with examples.

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Tracey Rampling Brown is a 4x international bestselling author, Certified Moonologer, Lunar Business Strategist, and CEO and Founder of Gemini Moon Press. Her mission is to amplify the voices of women as they reconnect with their sacred ancestral and divine feminine wisdom through the collective sharing of their knowledge and their stories.

Tracey supports her clients through private readings, coaching and strategy sessions, as well as through the publication of multi-author collaborative and solo book projects.

An Aussie girl at heart, Tracey lives in northern Italy with her husband, children and a Bengal cat named Maple.

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