The Soulful Human

Aya & Alison from No Cilantro, Please! Magazine.

September 28, 2022 Nicole O'Neil Season 4 Episode 24
The Soulful Human
Aya & Alison from No Cilantro, Please! Magazine.
The Soulful Human +
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Show Notes

This episode will highlight friendship, business culture and giving voice to small businesses around the world. Aya and Alison have created a business culture that will hopefully be the norm one day and have created an online magazine amplifying voices around the globe. They have done a special series for those struggling to start or keep a business afloat in Ukraine. These two women are incredible and this conversation has a lot of beautiful insight and inspiration.

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No Cilantro, Please Magazine
Twitter: nocilantromag

Alison Rochford & Aya Lanzoni are co-founders of this unique on line magazine. Together they have backgrounds in writing, marketing, PR & web design.

They found a hole in a place for entrepreneurs and freelancers to go to find support and networking.

With this magazine they are hoping to bridge that gap with great information as well as supporting local and have already put out their first two issues and look forward to continuing to grow!

Instagram: @albyroch
Twitter: @organicwifi47

Instagram: @tinydragonbytes

NICOLE & The Soulful Human
The Soulful Human was created by Nicole as a way to share stories on important and relevant topics to our world today, to give an opportunity for those to share their own journeys but also for those listening to connect and see they are not alone in the struggles and joys they face on their own journeys. It is a place of connection and community. More will be coming with opportunities to be in the business and organization directory, to sponsor/advertise and to share YOUR story on upcoming topic. You can support the show by subscribing and giving a review as well as visiting the etsy shop. This is to cover expenses and eventually to use a portion of the profits to donate to some great causes such as The Trevor Project, Everytown for Gun Safety, The Loveland Foundation, Girls Inc and Planned Parenthood along with more.

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