The Soulful Human

MLM, Coaching & Cults with Jennifer Rajala

October 26, 2022 Nicole O'Neil Season 4 Episode 27
The Soulful Human
MLM, Coaching & Cults with Jennifer Rajala
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Jennifer Rajala is mom of 3 girls, married to her husband Derek for nearly 10 years and they live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She loves cooking, reading, live music, The Office, biking, hiking, social justice and advocacy and is an Anti-MLM Creator. However, after years of being involved in what she believes were 2 Commercial Cults is still healing and figuring herself out and what she enjoys.

Jennifer was deeply entrenched in multi-level marketing for over 8 years, even reaching a significant "level" in her company and “earning” a shiny White Mercedes. Because of her perceived success was then recruited to become an MLM Coach working with hundreds of MLM Companies under the direction of an omniscient all-knowing "guru". She thought that once she got to this pinnacle level she'd have the time and financial freedom she was promised but found that the deeper she dove into the industry the more indoctrinated and deceptive it became. She woke up to the toxic messages around diet culture, hustle culture and even white supremacy after a close friend tragically lost her husband and it was used in her company as a way to motivate people into action. Shortly thereafter another friend left the same coaching group and her MLM and began speaking out which gave her the courage to use her voice against the MLM industry & its coaches too. She hopes to help more victims deal with the backlash, shame and guilt that happens when you leave these high control groups and what resources are helping her heal. She's been featured on Life After MLM & From Huns to Human Podcasts, New Zealand's "Breakfast" Morning Show, and the upcoming book by Jane Marie "Cults of Personality".

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