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Dr. Kyle Standiford, Clinical Psychologist speaks on Ethical Issues in the Coaching Industry

December 07, 2022 Nicole O'Neil
The Soulful Human
Dr. Kyle Standiford, Clinical Psychologist speaks on Ethical Issues in the Coaching Industry
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Dr. Kyle Standiford, licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in adolescent and young adult psychology. I am primarily psychodynamically oriented, but use a variety of modalities and methods of interventions in my work. I've worked with survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking, juvenile sex offenders, gang member rehabilitation programs, substance addiction clinics, doing intensive in-home therapy, group therapy, individual, and family therapy in Miami, LA, and the Washington DC area. My Master's dissertation was on the effects of progressive vs traditional gender role promoting stories on teen dating habits, and my Doctoral thesis was on the development and maintenance of addictive-style gaming habits in MMORPG players. Outside of my psychology work I'm an avid lacrosse player, video gamer, gym rat, and tabletop board game player.

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